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Coldwell Banker can now offer an AMAZING Lease with Purchase Option program for those who are unable to qualify to buy OR who are new to the DFW area and just don't want to buy a home yet.    www.LeaseOurDreamHome.com

This program was written up by FOX News, The Wall St. Journal among other major media outlets as being a true game changer in Real Estate.   The program lets you pick from houses listed for sale on the MLS and have that house purchased on your behalf.   You are not obligated to buy it rather you are only obligated to a one year lease at market rent.   You can renew the lease up to 3 total years if you wish.  


Here are the just SOME of the pluses of this amazing program.

*     Not being obligated to buy

*     No Down payment just a security deposit

*     The ability to test drive a home and even a neighborhood for up to 3 years.

*     Homes listed for sale in the MLS allow you access to neighborhoods where rentals are less frequent and harder to get.

*     Guaranteed prices in writing for up to three years of rent and also guaranteed prices to buy in the next 3 years.


In this crazy Real Estate market in DFW where it is not uncommon for homes to go up 15% a year this can bring stability to your financial goals and a better home until you do buy.   Here is a short animation of how the program works.


Please call me today!   972-836-8880

Last year I was named the #1 Coldwell Banker Realtor in America for this program.  Not easy to achieve since we offer it in 42 metropolitan areas across America.   Call today and let me change you from a renter to a Home Owner.